Quick Base Consulting and Development

Quick Base is marketed as an easy to use DIY application builder, and for the most part does a great job with accomplishing this. There are times when your day job and inexperience with application architecture might deter taking on a project like that. Quandary has years of experience with Quick Base consulting and development.

Take a look below at some of our Quick Base success stories and offerings. We take pride in our ability to listen and understand your business needs first and utilize technology to make it happen.

Call or email us for a free Quick Base trial and brainstorm with how we can help create a roadmap to a successful implementation.


All of our engagements involve discovery to some extent. They can be as basic as reviewing a requirements document to multi day onsite assessments. During the discovery process we’ll begin by documenting your current state and pain points. Once we have fully understand the final goal, we’ll create a design diagram of your application(s) and work closely with your team to create a timeline and budget. Typically we can create an application for most budgets, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Native and Custom Development

Quick Base has an easy to use front end editor, which can save some serious time and money when developing your business applications. Quandary’s years of experience developing in this interface saves even more time, allowing you to implement your applications in no time!

We can take Quick Base’s powerful application builder to the next level with some custom development! The sky is the limit when you let our developers work their magic. Some successful examples of this include: completely branded landing and application pages, automation, integrations, and much more!


Support is a generic term to include anything and everything you can throw at us. As mentioned, we try our best to become one with your team, so this way you feel comfortable reaching out with requests of all sizes. Take a look at some of our offerings in addition to the Quick Base Consulting and Development offered.


As Quick Base and process experts, we help develop and implement training plans. These can vary from one on one remote sessions to full classroom week long agendas. Ensuring your team is well trained is the easiest way to gain adoption.


There’s the infamous ‘hit by a bus’ scenario everyone in business uses. Documentation is one of the most overlooked (and most powerful) line items in an implementation. We can provide well written, concise, and easy to understand documents for your processes and applications. Even if we didn’t develop it!


Have you ever received an application or update that just wasn’t right? Just like documentation, testing is a line item removed from most budgets. We ensure that there’s sufficient testing that your application arrives, or is maintained, 100% ready to go. Since we understand your business, we also understand corner cases that might be missed by other developers. This process will save you money by eliminating re-development.